We offer support at all levels of medical and dental education in Nigeria

With focus on all levels of medical and dental education in Nigeria, The Medicus Foundation is championing a process of nurturing and growing medical potential in the country. We do this by offering scholarships and grants, as well as professional support and assistance across various stages of medical education, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Our mission is to change the face of medical and dental education in Nigeria one step at a time, one project at a time. We aim to provide an environment in which increased learning and development opportunities leads to an improvement in patient care, and lifts the status of health provision in Nigeria overall.

What We Do

We aim to empower the medical sector in the country from its educational roots. This will be achieved by:

  • Provision of scholarships and grants to undergraduates.
  • Facilitating exchange programmes and providing bursaries for such as appropriate.
  • Arranging educational events and courses.

We aim to make a difference by empowering medical and dental students to tap into their hidden potential.

The Plan

In partnership with universities, donors and volunteers across the world, we’re investing in the future of Nigerian doctors. We select young Nigerians on the basis of character, service and the promise of leadership. We aim to create a network of future leaders of a global standard, who will contribute in a meaningful way to address the health related challenges of our society.

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Doctors in Diaspora

The Foundation was set up by doctors and dentists both in Nigeria and across the globe, each an esteemed graduate of the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos. We collaborate to create a nurturing environment for partnership and mentorship, availing talented young trainees of learning and networking opportunities.
Our maiden project was the YBC-2003 Scholarship, which launched in 2019.

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The scholarship award is aimed at promoting academic excellence, whilst recognising the reality of the difficult economic climate in Nigeria.

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